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My daughter and I love Runway too...can't wait to see it tonight! I even have my husband hooked on it and he's not the least bit metrosexual. lol Last week, he asked me, "Do people actually wear any of the stuff that comes down the runways at the shows?" haha...<i>"It DEPENDS!" I told him... "on if you're talking about haute couture one of a kind pieces that are more like art where the model's hair is formed into a triangle and she's got a plant perched on her shoulder? I'm guessing probably <b>not</b>."</i>  ;)

And my nephew who just had his first birthday, is a HUGE Elmo fan...HUGE...his parents Tivo all the episodes for him. That cracks me up.


I forgot that I didn't have to use the html tags anymore...excuse the formatting above. ;) Habit.


Kelli: Thanks for your comment. My older daughter loves Who Wants to be a Superhero on Sci-Fi even more than Project Runway. We TIVO (though for us it's DVR) stuff for our kids too.

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