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When I watched that episode I thought it was really scary, but also they had a lot of feelings that people have when they lose someone. Sorry for your loss.

Be Snowy, Be Lit

I'm very sorry you lost your Mum... best not to watch depressing Buffy eps, I guess :( How ahout some cheery Once More With Feeling?


Thank you to you both. It's probably true that I should stay away from depressing Buffy, though I have felt that I might want to watch the episode I discussed above sometime when there's no one around and I can just let go and really have a big cry. On the other hand, I do love Once More With Feeling, or I could watch one of my very favorite episodes, Doppelgangland. How great is evil vampire Willow? And good Willow impersonating evil Willow. "Willow" was actually a dark horse contender for the name of Younger Daughter. Didn't pan out. Went with Hebrew translation of husband's last name instead (since both girls got my last name, for reasons I may sometime blog).

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