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Mama Mama In Pajamas


I am Ani, and a mom too. My mother died 6 weeks after my baby was born. Just wanted you to know that I am here and listening to your words. It is hard to mother without our mothers. I love your ability to look deeply.



Kids are amazingly smart and intuitive than most adults give them credit for. Your kiddo sounds pretty damned intuitive.


Ani, Thank you so much. I appreciate your support, and I'm so sorry that your mom died. How old is your baby now?

Reesie, I know I think pretty highly of the kid. :)

Mama Mama In Pajamas

She is 3 1/2. In some ways I feel like this third year with the grief has been the most intense.
The first year I had a new baby, and was so filled with that, but the third year something opened up and I spiral through.

I am sorry that you mother died too.

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